Career Paths With a Criminal Justice Degree

The criminal justice industry includes a number of fields, just as law, enforcement, corrections, and even government. If you’re interested in these topics, check out what a criminal justice degree has to offer. When you’ve graduated with this type of degree, you can work in a number of different criminal justice related fields. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Criminal Justice Specialties

There are three main parts to the criminal justice system – law enforcement, the courts system, and corrections. With a degree in criminal justice, you can work anywhere within these three parts. Law enforcement specialists typically work as police officers. With this kind of specialty, you may go through an educational program at a police academy in addition to earning a criminal justice degree. Those who work in the courts system instead can take on a variety of roles investigating crimes to help lawyers argue their cases. Lastly, there is the corrections part of the criminal justice system. With a specialty in this type of field, you can work as a corrections officer in a jail or a probation/parole officer outside of the jail system.

Choose the Right Career Path

All specialties within the criminal justice system have one main goal – to uphold the rule of law within society. The specialty you should choose depends on your personal tastes and skills. If you’re someone who enjoys adventure and a bit of danger, becoming a police officer might be for you. Methodical people with an eye for details should consider the courts system. If you love working with people and studying human behavior, the corrections might be for you. Not sure where you fit? Take classes in all three areas to see what appeals to you most.

Other Specialties

As criminals evolve, so must the criminal justice system to keep up. Therefore, there are a number of other related career fields you can consider, allowing you combine you interest in criminal justice with other interests. For example, if you enjoy art, you might want to get into forensic artistry. Forensics in general is a field that you can consider. You may also benefit from classes in information technology, since many crimes are committed online, and political science or government are other fields of interest for some criminal justice students.

Guide to Criminal Justice Degrees Online

Kaplan University MPA – Criminal Justice MS – Criminal Justice MS – CJ – Global Issues MS – CJ – Policing BSBA – Criminal Justice BS – Criminal Justice Kaplan University – Kaplan University, a world renowned college, offers many accredited Criminal Justice degree programs that can be completed online. Their MPA in Criminal Justice, MS in Criminal Justice, MS CJ in Global Issues, MS CJ in Policing, BSBA in Criminal Justice, and BS in Criminal Justice degree programs offer the real world skills needed to succeed in the expanding field of Criminal Justice.
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Liberty University BS – Criminal Justice AA – Criminal Justice Liberty University – Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian university, offers two programs in the field of Criminal Justice. Their BS in Criminal Justice and AA in Criminal Justice accredited online degree programs are tailored for those with busy schedules. They offer convenient schedules that can help you quickly achieve your goals.
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Post University BS – Criminal Justice BSCJ - Human Services Post University – Founded in 1890, Post University is an accredited college with experience and solutions to providing students with quality education they can utilize upon graduation. Post has two degrees available through online courses that focus on developing a students problem-solving and writing skills as they learn about the criminal justice system. Post has a Bachelors of Criminal Justice and a BSCJ in Human Services.
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Ashford University BA – Social & Criminal Justice BA/SCJ – Forensics BA/SCJ – Homeland Security BA/SCJ – Security Management BA/SCJ – Corrections Ashford University – Ashford University has expanded its online course catalog to include several criminal justice degrees. Online programs offer a convenient way to pursue a degree and advance your career. Ashford offers a degree with a general focus on Criminal Justice as well as several specializations, including Homeland Security, Corrections Management, Forensics, and Security Management.
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Walden University PhD Public Policy – CJ PhD Human Services – CJ MPA – Criminal Justice BS CJ – Crime and Criminals BS CJ – Mgmt and Admin BS Psychology – Criminal Justice Walden University – Walden University, a career-oriented online university, offers many accredited online Criminal Justice degree programs. Their PhD CJ – Public Policy, PhD CJ – Human Services, MPA in Criminal Justice, BS CJ – Crime & Criminals, BS CJ – Mgmt & Admin, and BS CJ – Psychology programs have convenient schedules that can help you quickly achieve your goals.
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Strayer University BS: Criminal Justice Admin AA: Criminal Justice BSCJ: Computer Security BSCJ - Homeland Security Tech Strayer University – Strayer University, a distinguished and respected leader in higher education, has been helping students achieve their career goals for over 100 years. Students can choose from its selection of several Criminal Justice degrees available online to experience quality, affordable education right at their fingertips. Strayer offers a BSCJ in Computer Security, BSCJ in Homeland Security Technology, Associates of Criminal Justice, and several others.
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Saint Leo University MS – Criminal Justice MSCJ – Forensic Science MSCJ – Critical Incident Mgmt BA – Criminal Justice BA – Criminalistics Saint Leo University – Saint Leo University is a highly rated online college the offers many accredited degrees in the field of Criminal Justice, such as MS in Criminal Justice, MSCJ in Forensic Science, MSCJ in Critical Incident Management, BA in Criminal Justice, and BA in Criminalistics. Their online degree programs offer flexible schedules that can be completed at a pace that is most comfortable to you.
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Rasmussen University Associates in Criminal Justice AS/CJ: Psychology AS/CJ: Homeland Security AS/CJ: Law Enforcement AS/CJ: Corrections Bachelors in Criminal Justice BS/CJ: Homeland Security BS/CJ: Client Services BS/CJ: Criminal Offenders BS/CJ: Law Enforcement Rasmussen University – Founded over 100 years ago, Rasmussen is earn its status as a well-respected leader at the forefront of new and trusted education. Rasmussen offers online programs for several of their criminal justice degrees, giving students a quick way to jump-start their careers and and study Criminal Justice, Criminal Psychology, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Criminal Rehabilitation, or Criminal Offenses.
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Virginia College MS – Criminal Justice BS – Criminal Justice AS – Criminal Justice Virginia College – Virginia College is an industry driven online university that offers Criminal Justice degrees at various levels, ranging from Masters, to Bachelors, to Associates. Their affordable accredited degrees can be completed online at a pace that is most comfortable to you.
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Colorado Technical University MS – CJ Management BS – Criminal Justice Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University is a highly regarded online university that offers accredited degrees in the field of Criminal Justice. Their MS in Criminal Justice Management, and BS in Criminal Justice degree programs are convenient and can be completed online at your own leisure.
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